Here to talk you through the process

Frequent Questions

What sort of magic do you do?
OK so no wands and certainly no rabbits, This tired act is not for me. I do Close Up Card Magic primarily with other tricks in the mix for full surprise.

How far in advance do I need to book?
You don’t! If I’m free and able to get there that very same day… I’ll be there!! The summer and Christmas period are usually most hectic with wedding entertainment and Christmas performances usually taking up most of my calendar.

How do I know how long to book you for?
Let me help you judge that. It’s all dependant on age-groups and more importantly the number of guests to be entertained. take a look in the pricing page for a general guide or for more guidance just ask.

Can we meet up to see some magic entertainment before we decide to book you? Does it cost?
Yes you can for 2017, its absolutely free. 

What events do you perform at?
I provide Entertainment for Weddings, Anniversaries, Engagement do’s, Birthday parties, Corporate Dinners, Trade Shows, VIP Occasions, Product Launches, Ice breakers and more. magic for all occasions.

Do you do kids party magic or stage magic?
I only do close up table magic (often known as street magic) not a stage performance act or primary children’s party entertainer.head over to my recommendations page where I have a few suggestions that might be just up your street.

Where exactly do you perform magic?
All over the the UK but predominantly in the Midlands

What if you’re ill and cannot make the event?
To date this has never happened, but if the case occurred I would try my best to find a substitute magician to entertain on my behalf with a guaranteed full refund.