Making your day magical

Wedding Magician

Relax and enjoy your day safe in the knowledge your guests are being thoroughly entertained with some quality close up magic.

Why not have me mingling with guests whilst you’re having photographs or during the drinks reception, evening do or wedding breakfast?i. A magician isn’t just there to fool people, show off and be like ‘ha, I got ya’, but in-fact bring people together and create little moments that will instigate conversations, laughter and much enjoyment for everyone. think of this; the dreaded table plan – when was the last time you went to a wedding where you were seated on a table with everybody you knew? for some people, dining with unknown guests can be difficult and conversations can dry up quickly. my job, the magician is to get those people interacting and break the ice amazing them along the way!

So what next? The best thing you can do now is get in touch. Let’s have a chat about your day and tailor the magic to fit in with your schedule of events.