Reasons you need a magician at your next trade show

Thanks for stopping by, I thought I’d take some time out to share my ideas on how magic could enhance your next exhibition and create new leads.

So the day has arrived and its showtime, the budget is spent and products are ready, but let me ask you this. How is the customer experience going to be and how will you bring in fresh leads? Will you use the same tecniques as everybody else? The typical experience works fine encouraging business with some lovely promo gear and even free drinks, but how will you stand out? Don’t become yet another¬†stand that gets walked past and sadly forgotten, give your products what they deserve and make sure you’re remembered.

Being a magician, I class myself as promotional material too, with one fundamental advantage – I can talk. I will engage with customers and break the ice in seconds, put them in a good mood and certainly bring in some fresh leads. I’ll disappear too during those important moments and popup when its looking a little quiet to re-spark interest at your stand.

Imagine being remembered not only for great products but for innovative thinking and silky presentation too.

Break the norm and don’t be afraid do something different.

Those branded t-shirts you ordered, chuck one my way, let me join the team for the day and be part of the squad – preferably no pink but hey, whatever works.

Those pens you ordered, I’ll pull them from thin air to display the brand or even your message.¬†How about business cards? I’ll print fresh ones from my mobile right in front of them as they stand there in utter astonishment as to how it happened.

Ive worked as a magician for years now, and people genuinely keep things that are given to them in some unnatural way and smile as the memories flood back months down the line when they come across them again. I may have created this magical memory, but by this point it will be your company that’s remembered not my face. I’ll be a distant blur but your brand will be shining bright still, given a second light promoting you once more.

Whenever working with you, I’d work under your brand and never advertise my own personal services, identity or anything else during the show.

I hope this short post has captured your imagination on how magic could work at your next event and if you’d like to discuss further ideas however big or small, I’m open to chat.